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General Information:
Yakima County covers 4,296.1 square miles - second largest land area and seventh largest population area in Washington State.

The City of Yakima, which serves as the County seat, covers approximately 20 square miles at an altitude of 1,068 feet. A recent poll ranks Yakima the 25th most livable city in the United States and in 1994 Yakima was named "All-America City".

Yakima Valley Statistical Information (Based on the 2000 U.S. Census)
Population - Yakima County - 222,581
The City of Yakima - 73,040.

Yakima County has a County Commission with three elected Commissioners. Yakima has a City Manager and a seven-member City Council. The City of Yakima serves as the county seat. There are 14 incorporated towns within the county that are governed by town councils. Yakima County maintains 1,737 miles of roads, a large majority of which are oiled or gravel. There are 12 County Fire Districts that operate outside the valley’s major towns or cities. Over 600 paid and volunteer firemen help run these rural fire stations. Yakima County also maintains a jail facility with an average monthly inmate population of over 600. The Yakima Police Department is the general authority law enforcement agency for the City of Yakima, Washington and is organized as a department of municipal government with the Chief of Police serving as Department Director.

The City has a Council/Manager form of government and the Chief of Police serves at the pleasure of the City Manager, who is appointed by the elected City Council. The city is bordered on the south by the City of Union Gap, to the north by the City of Selah and to the east by the town of Moxee. The City of Yakima is the commercial and governmental hub of Yakima County which is primarily rural and agricultural. The department's operating budget for 2000 was $12,933,000. The department's total compliment of permanent personnel is 160, including 11 sworn police officers. In addition, the department operates a Police Reserve component comprised of unpaid volunteers whom, following state certification and training, perform the same duties as regular sworn officers.

Information provided by The Greater Yakima Chamber of Commerce.
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